Thousands of children in Sierra Leone die each year from the widely neglected Sickle Cell Disease. Screening programs would diagnose children early and give them a better chance of survival, as well as allow couples to properly plan for families.


Proffesor Cheedy Jaja (University of Cincinnati) has partnered with us in an effort to change the course of the longtime disease through the use of Sickle SCAN. Dr. Jaja is a clinical and translational scientist with a doctorate in Nursing Science.  Although he has lived and trained in the United States for over 30 years, Dr. Jaja has a strong connection to his birth country of Sierra Leone.  He has risked his life to help and treat the decimated citizens of Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak, in which ten doctors and 300 nurses died.  And now, Dr. Jaja’s personal mission is to screen, document, and treat the Sickle Cell Disease epidemic in Sierra Leone.



In an attempt to aid Dr. Jaja in his valiant efforts, we have launched the “Save a Life in Sierra Leone” t-shirt campaign. For

every t-shirt sold on the campaign’s website, we will send one Sickle SCAN test to Dr. Jaja in Sierra Leone. The shirts go

for $22.00 with the cost of production being $12.47. Marketing (of t-shirts) and shipping (of Sickle SCAN) costs are variable,

but cumulatively, can be as high as $5.00. Profits from one t-shirt will equal the costs associated with sending one Sickle

SCAN test to Sierra Leone plus the cost of care provided. All proceeds go to the cause.

Save a Life in Sierra Leone